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Thursday, June 24, 2004

From the Jesus Never Said Anything About Consensual Dwarf Tossing, Either File.

The Anglican Church of Canada prepares to spread the Gospel According to John (Thomas) a little further:

[T]here is also a report before the Synod that recommends changing the rules on consaguinuity (who can and cannot marry based on degree of relationship).

The change would mean that men could marry their niece, aunt, stepmother, stepdaughter, daughter-in-law, grandfather's wife, wife's grandmother, wife's granddaughter, or grandson's wife. Women could marry their nephew, uncle, stepfather, stepson, son-in-law, grandmother's husband, husband's grandfather, husband's grandson, or granddaughter's husband.

Those of you old enough to remember the Beastie Boys' first tour may recall that one of their stage props was a two-story inflatable penis that was, er.....deployed in all its turgidity during the show. Might I offer a suggestion for a new symbol for North American Anglicanism...?

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