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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Brush with celebrity.

Oh, yes--I almost forgot. Heather, the children and I met a real live TV personality on Friday afternoon.

We stopped at a gas station/Jerky Outlet (I-75, Exit 160--make sure to buy a bag) on Vacation Trek. As we were pulling in, Heather craned her neck around and asked "Is that Bob Guiney?"

Now, contrary to what you might think, this is a real possibility, given that he was, as we say, "raised in these parts"--Michigan born and bred. Whereas "Is that Vladimir Putin?" would be rather lower on the probability scale, and open to more skepticism.

Though I would not be at all surprised if Pooty-poot had a taste for good jerky.

I looked back, and sure enough--it looked like Bachelor Bob fueling up a Range Rover. As we were getting out, two girls pulled up beside us and asked the same question. Heather said she thought so. I had more pressing business, so I carried D3 into the gas station.

Coming out of the bathroom, I stumbled into Heather buttonholing the gentleman, who indeed confirmed he was Bob Guiney. He apparently had just excused himself after nearly (and inadvertently) running over my daughter (it happens). He was friendly, greeting people who approached him and engaging folks in conversation. A very decent guy, from what I could tell.

Apparently I was in the presence of another celebrity, too--the counter clerks assured me that his fiance was also there--a soap opera actress whose name escaped me entirely. She was a little more shy.

Funny moment: As we were waiting in line, I got tired of switching my son from arm to arm, and put him up on my shoulders. He loves this, and flashed all and sundry his best Gerber baby grin, accompanied by big giggles. For a full minute, he was a bigger attraction with the ladies than Mr. Guiney.

I keep telling him to enjoy it while it lasts.

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