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Friday, June 18, 2004

Shoe #24576 is About to Drop.

Starting Saturday or Sunday, the Dallas Morning News has a lengthy expose of the international shuffling of pervert priests by diocese and (especially) the religious orders, both to and from the United States.

This shouldn't be too shocking, given the orders' resistance to, and even mockery of, a modest mandatory anti-abuse policy. Remember, Canice Connors, the elected head of the association for men's religious orders in the U.S. laughed off the claims of victims in 2002.

Odd that the spiritual laetrile of communitarianism isn't effective against the cancer.

But remember--the important thing is that All Are Welcome As Family. Make sure to hold hands at the Our Father with Mr. Shanley and Ms. Kissling.

[Cue whistled theme as the community strolls past the graveyard.]

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