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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

"They'll Know We're Christians By Our Love" Dep't.

Central Michigan non-denom church has itself an old-fashioned book burnin'. For a refreshing change, the Jesus Non-denominational Church (Est. 5/03) burned Bibles, too.

Librarians and clergy at other churches expressed mixed emotions after learning that members of the Jesus Non-denominational Church burned "Harry Potter" books and copies of the Book of Mormon and non-King James Version Bibles.

Other books, magazines, posters, compact discs and movies that members believe do not promote God also went up in smoke Sunday, as more than 50 people gathered outside the church for the fiery display. Among the incinerated items were a Shania Twain album, "The Woman in Me," and a Dan Aykroyd movie, "Coneheads."

Actually, some of that I can endorse: Shania Twain induces indigestion, and Ackroyd owes me a refund for Coneheads (I know exactly the scene from the movie that drew their ire, too). Also, it's an extreme example of the almost-Islamic reverence KJV-only types have towards the Authorized Version. But at least it's nice to see Gail Riplinger found herself a new church.

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