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Friday, August 29, 2003

Gone Fishin'.

Or fiskin', depending on how the weekend goes. We're up north, and I'm blogging from the public library. If I manage to avoid the idiotic pseudo-Catholicism of Sr. Amchurch at St. Athanasius here in the Northlands (and I should be able to), it's looking like a fine weekend. Make sure to check out Lane's fine blog on a related subject here, and you'll know what I'm up against in these parts. He speaks for me (and no doubt millions of others) in that fine post. Amen and amen.

Responses to comments and further blogging will recommence on Monday.

May you and yours have a happy Labor Day. Grill a couple of bratwursts for me.

Mmmm, bratwurst....[sound of Homer drooling]

P.S.--Have you signed up yet? Sunday's the deadline.

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