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Friday, August 01, 2003

More Detroit architectural news.

This one, if true, is nothing short of miraculous: the long-abandoned Michigan Central Depot is the frontrunner to be the new Detroit Police HQ.

Here's more about the grand old station, along with multiple photos.

May it be so. The MCD is an amazing building, and truly terrifying at night. I got lost leaving Tiger Stadium with my wife and mother-in-law one evening, and passed by the massive, darkened structure. "Forbidding" doesn't begin to describe it, especially when your aging Oldsmobile's Quad 4 sounds like it's about to suffocate in its own phlegm.

We've heard an awful lot of pie in the sky redevelopment schemes involving Detroit landmarks ("Picture Tiger Stadium as an aquarium--with shops and condos...."). This one could be more like the Book Cadillac than the others, though. If Mayor Kilpatrick can pull this one off, he'll vault up several rungs in the ranking of Detroit mayors.

For more great Detroit architecture, check out the magnificent Ruins of Detroit (courtesy of Homey) and Forgotten Detroit (courtesy of Mark Sullivan) websites.

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