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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Been busy. Very busy.

Family. Work. Life. Funny how they all "interfere" with blogging.

He says, tongue firmly in cheek. The last big muttering took a lot out of me, I guess. Speaking of which, thanks to everyone who referred to my outburst of temper concerning the Will & Grace-inspired comedy stylings of Tom Fox: Mark Sullivan, Jeff Miller, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Domenico Bettinelli over at Catholic World News, Alicia at Fructus Ventris ("fruit of the womb" for you Latin-impaired types).

Oh, yeah, and to this guy named Mark....

Thanks to everyone--I truly appreciate it. If I missed anyone, let me know and I'll be glad to add your link.

I've also been distracted by the shakes (I'm 26 pounds lighter than I used to be), Season 3 of Babylon 5, which I've been watching obsessively, and by reading, which I've been able to do a surprising amount of lately. More on those subjects as life permits.

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