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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Lane's Reading List for Discouraged Anglicans.

It's a good one, and I didn't mean to give it short shrift yesterday.

Actually, it's a good reading list for anyone interested in Catholicism--especially Catholics.

I would like to offer my own suggestions, too.

Romano Guardini's The Lord. A fine work of exegesis and devotion, it gives the lie to the canard that Catholics are focused on just about everything but Jesus. The out-of-print (but easily obtained) lives of Christ by Giuseppi Ricciotti and Ferdinand Prat are also highly recommended.

Thomas Howard's On Being Catholic. A too-little known classic by the former Anglican, it was extraordinarily helpful to me as I converted. My standard tagline for his works: "Anything by Howard is good."

The Russian Church and the Papacy, by Vladimir Soloviev. Soloviev was a 19th Century Russian philosopher who converted to Catholicism from Orthodoxy, and wrote this book to explain to his Orthodox brethren why Catholic authority was essential. The man was a mystic who deeply loved the Orthodox even as he excoriated their polemicists, and it shows. A better understanding of the Church as a divine-human institution you will not find.

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