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Monday, July 16, 2007

The Woman and our very separated brethren.

I've commented about the negative reaction of many evangelicals and fundamentalists to Mary before, calling her "the woman who is not there."

Over at the Western Standard blog, you can meet a couple of Vesselists yourself, if you're so inclined. Scroll down to "13 Jul 07, 10:14:31 PM" for the beginning of a remarkable exchange, mine being with Mr. Tomax7.

You have to have a visceral disgust for the Mother of Our Lord to argue as he does. Indeed, disgust for the role of mothers in general, given his abrupt dismissal of the woman who bore him.

[UPDATE: I'm happy to report that he has acknowledged due love and honor to his own mother and some respect for Jesus'. We'll see how this progresses.]

[Update II: After wrangling, he's righted the ship. I no longer think "vesselist" is a term applicable to Tomax7 and I retract the description as applied to him.]

[H/t to Kathy Shaidle for the link.]

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