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Friday, July 20, 2007

As you may have noticed...

Fisks tend to slow down the blogging and commenting. Along with those things called "family" and "work." Thanks for all the kind words and links. Feel free to throw money, too.

So, with minimal energy left, I offer you links:

Rod Dreher's essay on Turkey, betwixt and between Islam and a hard secularism. For all that I despise Islamism, Turkey's secularists are extremely difficult to admire--or even like. The critical question: is the AKP an Islamist party or not? As Rod's essay demonstrates, the answer to that question will have an impact far outside the Turkish Republic.

For a perspective from an AKP supporter, take a look at Mustafa Akyol's blog. Akyol is a young Turkish journalist who writes for First Things, and is an engaging writer.

The Catholic Restorationists project keeps plugging away. I've had ideas for a few essays, but time constraints intervene. In the meantime, ponder the goodness of a "dull" life. Speaking of Restorationists, Jeff Culbreath was described as a Catholic Wendell Berry in the most recent National Catholic Register blog column. Jeff will certainly dispute that point with a humble fervor, but I think it's apt. Rich Leonardi also received a well-deserved mention in the article.

If you noticed that your internet connection was a little slow earlier this week, that was because several thousand people logged into their fantasy football leagues to dump Michael Vick off their rosters.

That's it. I'm going with the family to an air show tomorrow, and I hope to get a glimpse of the greatest jet fighter in history, the F-86 Sabre. I've read the possibly apocryphal comment by a Russian plane designer who said that jet fighter design should have ended with the F-86 and the MiG-15. I know what he means.

I should come back recharged and ready.

[Pic via the Haviland Group website.]

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