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Friday, July 13, 2007

Justice delayed.

Nearly three years ago, I was a total asshole to someone I didn't know.

That someone is the future Fr. Mark Mossa, SJ. I ran one of my line by line demolitions on a piece he had written, and, as was my wont at the time, got rather personal.

I sorta apologized here. Now, I still disagree with much of what he said, but the tone of my dispute was way out of line. I was a bastard.

So now let me take the "sorta" out of the equation. I apologize unreservedly for my behavior in that post and my ill-treatment of him as a person. Mark was then and has remained unfailingly gracious, both in that and other matters, offering support in a particularly rough patch in 2006.

The Society of Jesus is getting a good man and one that I hope to call a friend some day.

Apologies again, Mark.

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