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Monday, July 23, 2007

Blogs and thought.

They go together like peanut butter and waffles.

OK--a lot of the time, at least.

But I was recently tagged by Don (formerly of the Mixolydian Mode) as one of the blogs that makes him think, for which I offer my hearty thanks. Especially considering the august company amongst which he places me. If nothing else, I suppose this blog helps hone your ducking reflexes. Not sure how Eve feels about it, but there you go.

I figured I might just as well give it a go myself, so here goes: Blogs that start neurons flying:

1. Patrick O'Hannigan's Paragraph Farmer. A SoCal Catholic with truly catholic tastes in blogging, he's worth a daily visit.

2. CourageMan. The phrase "spiritual warfare" can be tossed about lightly. It isn't when describing this blog, where a brave man gives you a look at a soul in conflict.

3. Catholic Sensibility. Mostly Todd Flowerday's blog, but also with powerful contributions from Neil. Todd disagrees a lot--maybe even reflexively--with St. Blogdom's more "conservative" voices, but he always gives you a reasoned argument (and an occasional sharp elbow) when doing it. Neil's posts don't get many comments from me, but there are only so many variations of "wow, that's good" or "hadn't thought of it that way" I can stand to post.

4. William Luse. But you're already reading him, right? Right?

5. Michael Liccione. Theological help for us Joe Sixpacks.

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