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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday Morning Galactica.

Good news--BG has been greenlighted for a fourth season, though the number of episodes is still up in the air.

Brief thoughts--the last two episodes seem to be more standalones than arc-related, but I think there will be payoffs down the road: Apollo's shaping up into a real leader as CAG, Zarek's warning about a trial for Baltar, Helo's still-ambiguous place in the crew, rifts between the Colonials based on ethnicity (with Capricans at the top and Sagitarons on the bottom, and the others in between).

One question: what is the "canonical" status of the deleted scenes? Did they happen, are they do-overs, or (here's where I lean) are they a mixture of both? From my partial perusal of the deleted scenes in Seasons 1 and 2.0, the last makes the most sense. There's certainly some interesting stuff in them, especially related to the mythology. Plus, any easter egg info on the DVDs would be welcome.

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