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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

About the blog tags/labels.

Here's the list so far, along with a brief description, where necessary:

Ave atque vale -- The deceased. Yes, I lifted it from Mark Steyn.

B16 -- The Pope, not a WW2-era American bomber prototype.

Bible -- Where the Good Book comes up.

Brave New World -- Watching our society's jaunts into moral insanity.

Byzantium -- Everybody needs a hobby.

Catholica -- Things Catholic.

Culture -- Good and bad.

Family Fun -- the first word is always true.

Fisks -- You're new here, aren't you?

Galactica -- That show.

History -- General history topics. Have to flash the BA/book collection every now and then.

Humor -- OK, I think it's funny. YMMV.

Inside Blogball -- Blogging about the blog.



Liturgy Wars -- Forays into transepts and "worship spaces," GIRMs and ICELs.

Memes -- Quizzes included.

Michigan -- Dispatches about the Greatest State in the Union.

Miscellaneous -- When I'm at a loss.

Motown -- [Mason voice]: "Deee-troit blogg-ing posts..."

OBH Church -- One Big Happy. Surveying the dysfunctional family of God.

OBH Church Detroit -- Surveying the dysfunctional family of God's local branch.

OPB -- Other People's Blogs. You down?



Religion -- the Catch-all that doesn't fit the above.

Sci-Fi -- Includes fantasy and other non-Galactica topics.

Sports -- Or "sport," for speakers of non-American English.

The Money Pit/Cars -- Two perennial sources of migraines.

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