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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mercy High, again.

Mercy High School in Farmington Hills, proud host of Lunch with Gov. Granholm back in 2003 (which netted the school $3,750), is again in the news.

This time, it barred a pro-life speaker from giving a talk on Margaret Sanger to the pro-life club. The speaker in question is author Dan Flynn, whose website is here. Yes, from a cursory review of the website, he looks like a political conservative (however, he's critical of the Iraq war and the President). But the Gov. is naturally something of a partisan, too. Right?

Back in 2003, it justified its decision to host the fundraiser with the following:

"Our consideration last week to withdraw the item took into account the sensitivity of the issue and its potential impact on the welfare of our students," the statement said. "The topic has provoked much discussion and debate.

"We believe that providing Mercy students and mothers with the chance to meet with Gov. Granholm is a valuable educational opportunity and fully consistent with our school's philosophy, mission and values."

This time, apparently the poor dears would be confused by the speaker:

[School Principal Carolyn] Witte said Flynn's message was unsuitable for high school students. The 'content could be misunderstood,' she told Young America's Foundation.
* * *
Witte also added that her students were too 'sensitive' to hear a topic about Planned Parenthood.

Alas, Principal Witte doesn't have any idea what the speaker would actually say:

'I'm not suggesting that I or the school is anti-Mr. Flynn,' she added. 'I just have not heard him speak.'

Unfortunately, we can Mercy speaking, loud and clear. Without saying another word.

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