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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The cat drinks unleaded from now on!

Yeah, that's pretty well human nature at work. Note that James offers helpful conservation tips, too.

For our part, we've switched to the spiral light bulbs all through the house (five or so regular bulbs remaining). You can get a six-pack of 60-watters from Home Depot for under 10 bucks. I purchased a 100 watt outdoor spotlight for $8. The bulbs have made a huge difference on electrical consumption and you get the same illumination. Full disclosure: they do have limitations. First, they take a little longer to get to "full power." Second, I haven't found any that work on dimmer switch set-ups. Finally, they do not come in smaller sizes (e.g., candelabra style bulbs). But I suspect the technology will solve these items in short order. Even now, they are well-worth it.

Oh, and if we're really going to be serious about conservation/carbon emissions, we might want to look at these sorts of things. I'm not saying bans, but the elites might want to put their money where their mouths are.

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