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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Still kicking.

Trip/D3/The Boy™ had his tonsilectomy/adenoidectomy today. A little woozy and pained early on, he has made a nice recovery so far. Unlimited popsicles and Kool-Aid have improved his mood. So has watching a 60 minute commercial for Hot Wheels titled The Ultimate Race. Lord, it's dreadful--dialogue that doesn't rise above "it's so crazy, it. just. might. work!" levels. Honest--the phrase "DESTROY ALL HUMANS!" is repeated over and over. But since there are wheeled vehicles going fast, it doesn't matter.

I see Ms. Marcotte has resigned from the Edwards campaign. Prediction: what was said about the Bourbon dynasty that returned to the French throne in 1815 will apply equally well to her: "They learned nothing, and forgot nothing." The secular left has more self-inflicted wounds and alienated would-be friends than any other movement in the U.S. And they wonder why they lose.

Oh, and a housekeeping note: This here electronic kiosk has been nominated in the following categories in the Catholic Blog Awards:

Smartest Catholic Blog
Funniest Catholic Blog
Best Individual Catholic Blog
Best Designed Catholic Blog
Best Overall Catholic Blog
Best Written Catholic Blog
Best Political/Social Commentary Catholic Blog

"Best Designed" is a head-scratcher, but wins in any category will keep voters off my fisk list for the rest of 2007. GOTV!

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