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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Roundtable Salon Discussion went well.

Victor and I hit Dragonmead, the finest brewpub in southeastern Michigan, and we traded off pints of the various fermented beverages, settling early on "Crusader," a fine mild dark ale.

Mike's Hard Lemonade was dissed, as was my enjoyment of The Guru (Mr. Morton: "Heather Graham can't act without roller skates"; Me: "And?"). The Coen Brothers movies were ranked, with Fargo lauded as the most sincere of their films, especially as a paean to small-town life (Brainerd vs. Minneapolis) and its virtues. I asserted that Frances McDormand's sheriff remains the finest and most compelling depiction of Good in modern film (after all, Evil is comparatively easy to make interesting--just ask Milton and Dante).

Somewhat surprisingly, Mr. Morton pronounced himself a conscientious objector in the Liturgy Wars, only requiring that things not get too wacky. Or zany. Or goofy. I forget which.

The decay of "rational basis" review was also raised and deplored, the Tigers praised (they eked out a win against the Tribe on Monday night), distributism and Costco glanced upon and so forth.

Yes, I'd be happy to take it on the road, only requiring a modest stipend and a glancingly-reviewed expense account. Contact me for details and availability.

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