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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Addams Family Goes Out To Eat.

Scenes from our Friday night out:

Madeleine: "Where are we going to eat, Daddy?"
Me: "It rhymes with 'dead mobster.'"
D3: "All right! We can see the lobsters in the tank--before they get eaten!"
Maddie and Rachel: "Yay!"
Me: [To Heather] "Then I guess they'd just plotz about a visit to death row."

Later on at Rhymes-with-dead-mobster, I'm sitting next to Rachel. Heather hands her a cup of shredded cheese that came with the salad. Rachel pinches some of it out of the small cup, then decides that will be an inefficient delivery method.

She grabs the cup and pours it on to the table. Still too inefficient.

She transforms into a toddler Tony Montana, ramming her face into the pile of cheese. A minute later, she completes the effect, jabbing me in the left arm with her fork wearing an evil grin as if to tell me "Say hello to my leetle frien'!"

And they already outnumber us....

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