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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mr. Morton drove to Detroit/Mr. Morton drove...

Anyone within striking distance of Motown is hereby invited a roundtable discussion of topics of general interest at a TBD brewpub on Monday evening. The guest of honor will be Victor Morton, Washington Times editor, film critic, raconteur and transplanted Texan living the life of Reilly inside the Beltway.

Discussions will include such diverse topics as:
  • Luc Besson, Hollywood Sellout--yea or nay?
  • France--Would 2 or 3 more EuroDisneys make a difference?
  • War in the Middle East
  • The best prank on The Man Show (Kimmel edition) (my vote: the petition drive to "End The Suffrage"--no, that's not a typo).
  • The NBA's new offense-friendly rules: Abomination or Atrocity?
  • What's with our waitress, anyway--have we suddenly turned invisible?
  • Piskie bashing
  • "Mike's Hard Lemonade"?! Next you'll be getting your right ear pierced...
  • Catholic liturgical reform
  • The NFL
  • Favorite pre-Protestant Reformation Popes and, most crucial of them all:
  • Do Scotsmen ever pick up the tab?

And yes, because drink is the curse of his people, malt beverages will be quaffed and bar food consumed, so prepare accordingly.

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