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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ah, yes--Sports.

Or "Sport," for the Anglophilic among us.

(1) The Captain sails into retirement. The best hockey player I ever had the privilege to see play. Hands down.

After 22 seasons, his body simply could not take any more. Better to be able to walk and have an active life with his wife and three daughters than risk another season. We will miss him--a class guy and a Detroit legend.

(2) Ben, we hardly knew ye...
But to the Bulls? That's what really stings. Somehow, Ben developed the notion that he was not respected here, and in retrospect it really showed during the last season. Too bad--another class guy and good citizen. But he's not going to make the Bulls contenders for anything other than the division title--and then, not for long. Welcome aboard, Nazr Mohammed!

(3) The Tigers. Hey, they're the Pope's team. What more needs to be said?

(4) Oh, and yes, the World Cup. It's down to France vs. Italy. I guess I'm rooting for the Fifth Republic in this one. (1) Heather's a Francophile, and (2) I have it on unimpeachable authority that the Italians are to soccer what the clutch and grab is to hockey. Any thoughts, soccerphiles (or Francophobes)?

I'm just thankful it's a sporting competition between the two countries and not a military confrontation. The latter would be like watching two quadruple amputees trying to have a slap fight.

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