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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Yes, I'm a Lileks acolyte.

The Master gets Donald Rumsfeld in one:

He also handles the press well, which irritates the inner party of the Beltway media but amuses the red states. And he grins. He has that flinty-dad vibe. He’s the guy flipping burgers at the grill who overhears something you say and makes an interesting remark that might be a compliment, and might be an insult – might be both. That grin doesn’t tell you much. It’s the sort of persona that would make you gulp hard if you were picking up his daughter for a date, but if you passed the test you’d feel as though you’d earned some rare respect.

"Flinty-dad vibe."

One day, if I work really hard, after a long period measurable in years....

....I still won't be able to write like James Lileks.

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