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Monday, May 24, 2004

What he said.

Jim Cork wonders whether there seem to be more pregnant women out and about right now.

Sure seems to be from my end. Heather and I went out to eat last night at BD's Mongolian Barbecue (if you get a chance to go to one, do it--it's never the same meal twice) in Sterling Heights. It was our first trip out without the kids in four months. Don't worry: the dog was there, and we taught Maddie how to use a manual can opener and the speed dial on the phone before we left.

Anyway--in a restaurant with about fifty patrons on a Sunday evening, three were pregnant and two more couples had their newborns (six months and under). We noticed similar stuff at other stops. Purely anecdotal, but interesting. Anybody else able to report something similar, or is it just the case that Jim and I are unusually sensitized to the presence of expectant mothers?

Not so BTW, make sure to congratulate him--he and Jess are going to be having their ultrasound in the next few weeks.

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