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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Creche Patrol strikes again.

This time, going nuclear on the Cross found in the Los Angeles city seal. Whew, and just in time, too. It's only been on there for decades. Our heroes, ever-vigilant against the rise of theocracy.

As attorney (and atheist, FWIW) Eugene Volokh notes:

Religion is a fundamental part of California history, as it is part of the history of the country as a whole. There should be no constitutional obligation to extirpate all historical religious references from American public life. Even if the Court is right that government endorsement of religion is unconstitutional, courts must distinguish references that will be seen as endorsing religions from references that simply recognize religion's role in American history — and the seal seems to me to be well on the side of history, not endorsement.

Or what will be next? Rename Santa Fe? Providence, Rhode Island? Corpus Christi? The Sangre de Cristo Mountains?

And you wonder why some folks call the ACLU the "Anti-Christian Litigation Unit" (though I still prefer "The Creche Patrol"--has that nice 50s space cadet ring to it).

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