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Monday, December 09, 2002

"A bearded thug, with his eyes all aglow..."

Christmas and Yassir Arafat: they go together like peanut butter and rancid headcheese.

Apparently it's essential to the "Peace Process"™ that a not-particularly-observant secular Muslim, one whose wife and daughter live in Paris, be allowed to attend Midnight Mass in Bethlehem. I see...

Well, fair enough, he can go, with one caveat.

Just as long as next year, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have to celebrate Ramadan with a battalion of Israeli commandos.

UPDATE: As Xavier gently pointed out, Arafat has a daughter, not a son. The blog has since been edited.

And while I'm at the task of pointing out errors, I'd like to note that Xavier is Canadian, not Spanish, as I mistakenly said about three months ago. "Typical American, can't differentiate between 'foreigners...'" He's too nice to say that, so I will.

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