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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

New Batman v. Superman Teaser Trailer.

Color me intrigued.

Not for the Staring Contest part, but for the way Batman's captors kneel before Kal-El as he comes down the hallway. Remember Jor-El's line to his wife as they prepared to launch their only child to the stars?

"He will be a god to them."

Apparently, Zach Snyder didn't mean that as a throwaway.

I liked Man of Steel, even if it needed some editing down--after a while, it was just way too much mayhem. 

This might be a quieter movie, and thus all the better for it. 


  1. I can't remember where I read it, but someone was arguing that the whole desert sequence might be Batman's dream/nightmare about the Superman threat. Either way, it looks pretty cool.

  2. Yes, this is all very well and good but hardly answers the most pressing question for this upcoming movie.

    Does the Batman costume have nipples?

  3. I found Man of Steel frustrating, but I am looking forward to this.

  4. Jor-El as Maximus was one of my favorite parts of Man of Steel.

  5. Just saw the new full trailer, including the appearance of Doomsday and more lines from Luther. Suddenly, I am less interested in this movie.

    1. Yeah, so it's going to be loud--really, really, Michael-Bay-Loud.

      But I'll give it credit for setting up a good reason for antagonism between Batman and Superman. And the Gotham v. Metropolis mindset is a nice little touch. I also didn't blanch at Affleck, so there's that.

      But it's still a smash 'em up. And Luther is way too Joker-esque--that's a big mistake.

      However: who am I kidding? I'll insist they take my money.

  6. Well, yeah, that goes without saying. I will be there, standing in line with everyone else. I'm still not missing the idea of a showdown between Batman and Superman, even if it is without a one armed Green Arrow.

    1. All, Miller's Dark Knight... Great stuff!

      Yep--we're showing our age, Bear! :)

    2. hah. When that came out I was working in a comic book shop. I remember the excitement and people lining up- okay, there were only about four or five in line, but still- to get each issue as it came out.

      Some years later, I actually got chills when they introduced the comic book guy on the Simpsons. He was my old boss, animated.

      If we really want to start showing our age, how about this: did you rush home from school to catch the latest episode of Star Blazers?

    3. i had the MOST fun, nya nya! at lunch we'd run to friend gordie's house for apple pancakes watching the THREE STOOGES!!!