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Friday, October 04, 2013

More shiny happy people.

Elliot Bougis is doing yeoman's work. Keep scrolling down. If you're ever in the neighborhood, Elliot, the brewpub rounds are on me.

And my real-life as well as blogging buddy, Steve Skojec, offers this cry of the heart.


  1. I know it sounds dumbish and emoish, but please let Steve know that I tried to comment on his cry of the heartm and, failing that, contacted him via his site. The more people I know who can at least agree they see SOMETHING "off" lately in Francis, the less quickly I sinky into my bottle. Too much change at once, too much emphasis on change itself for the Catholic genius. Perhaps Fr. Martin was right: Vatican III all in one day: I feel like I'm seeing the implications and consequences of V2 telescoped into the Pope's current ad campaign. And it bothers me. But if V2 bothers me...........

  2. If the left can have a shrieky fit about Trent and V1, then I think you are entitled to qualms about V2. Rather like the current Pope, it seems to be a subject about which you get the hairy eyeball if you don't join in the chorus of its pristine, floor-to-ceiling awesomeness.

    It had its positives. But helpful clarity is often not one of them.