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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Land ho!

It's gale-swept, rocky and rather cold, but Catholic.

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Yesterday at around 4pm or so, the spiritual dam burst. Thank you for your prayers, as I am certain they helped. A long-ish post is coming soon, but in the interim, the following question will give you a hint as to my thought process:

Is Catholicism a papal personality cult?


  1. +J.M.J+

    It should not be, though in some segments of the Church it can either become that way or at least seem like one.

  2. No, but there are those who make it so, and they stand on both sides of the aisle. There was pretty much a cult of Benedict among some of our brethren a few years back. I don't know if that balances out the current love in with Francis.

    It seems to me that we are to perform a balancing act. We are not to worship the Pope, but neither are we to ignore him. We're supposed to act in humility, and I believe that declaring our support for the Pope, as though he needs our approval, and dismissing him, as though we were our own Pope, are both equally based in pride. However, being so humble you shut off your brain and follow blindly is also not the way to go. There has to be a middle path around here somewhere.

  3. No more than the Law is a judicial cult.

  4. No. I think the problem arose because of Francis' two predecessors. The "Yes" of each one was "Yes" and the "No" of each one was "No." Then along comes Francis whose views have to be constantly clarified, which gives openings to the left. When Francis learns his job, I think things will settle down.

  5. Is Catholicism a papal personality cult? Considering some of the historic papal personalities, I should hope not.

    Re Pope Francis, he's a Jesuit, with everything--good, ambiguous, or questionable--that that implies.