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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bear with me.

Coming soon. Job, wife, six kids, life off the computer--the usual.


  1. Good, get off the computer.

    I wish I had the strength to do that. But like with TV the temptation is just too strong.

    The Internet is just like TV turned up to 11 on crack.

  2. You mean life is interfering with your 'blogging again? And you're choosing life over 'blogging?

    I knew there was a reason I like you. First things first.

  3. I certainly don't mind a little down time until your next post. ;-) For every minute of writing, may you enjoy at least twice as many minutes of prayer and family time.

  4. But it's almost Hallowe'en! Are we to go another year without your Hallowe'en rant?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. WHO ARE YOU, "Betty Bougis"?!?


    Well, OK, yeah. It has been a while since I pulled off a rant on the subject. Hmmmm....

  7. D'oh! My wife was still logged in when I was commenting. Elliot (Codgitator) here. Please forgive me for not trying to deceive you.

  8. Codg

    Old Jewish saying"I can forgive the injury you have done to me but how can I forgive the one you have done too yourself?'

    I feel vindicated by you.

    See ya around.

  9. Thanks for being the better man, Ben. I'm truly glad you've attained your vindication and peace.


    Codgitator, ebougis, Betty Bougis, & Co.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Ben, you will not continue your feuds here. DONE.

  12. Yeah. Real Life has me pretty busy right now, too. Looking forward to whatever you can post, though.

    I need to post more on my blog, too.

  13. Ben, you will not continue your feuds here. DONE.

    Is this a permaban, or just his last comment? I won't presume to tell you how to moderate your own blog, but in his defense I usually find his comments on Feser's blog edifying, and would value his comments here if can resist going into Mortal Kombat Fatality mode.

  14. >Ben, you will not continue your feuds here. DONE.

    That post was my last word to Codj.

    You are a hyper emotional basket case at this point ya know buddy?

    I am not going to walk on egg shells around you.

    You have/had a crisis of faith? Well boo fricken woo!

    Join the club!

    Now good day you.

  15. Oh and another thing.

    I have a very secure public sector Job! I would trade that in for unemployment in a heartbeat if it meant I could have normal non-autistic children & not live every day knowing at best maybe I only have to put 2/3's of them in a mental institution when they grow up.

    I actually envy your situation. So enough of you damn whining!!!!!!!!!

    Geez grow the frak up!

    That is all I have to say to you buddy!

    I won't be back. Jerk!

  16. I haven't banned him at all, Scott. I am simply tired of Ben's determination to wage war against other bloggers (Elliot) in my forum.

    You can see his off-the-handle behavior at Elliot's here (scroll down to the blue):

    I don't think it is unreasonable to want to avoid that happening here. So I struck off one comment--which was a pile-on repetition of the other I left standing.

    Message? LET IT GO.

    But, no. And a pattern has emerged, wherein he again reads into that simple demand to keep the peace a personal attack. Despite the fact he ran off a string of what--50+?--comments below? Despite the fact he repeatedly called your "Jerk" host "irrational" in that thread.

    Furthermore, as we can see, his real feelings toward me are far from being genuine Christian concern. Rather, they are those of a man offended by the fact I don't see things his way, and he's determined to beat down anyone who doesn't share his opinion of the Pope.

    I'm glad he's a prince of a guy at Edward Feser's place. But tell me--has he ever behaved toward Professor Feser the way he has here or at Elliot's?

  17. Not sure, as I don't read Ed Feser, but he has routinely acted this way at other blogs until those hosts banned him.

    And it's a pattern of behavior that goes back YEARS.

  18. In an attempt to hijack this thread back to its original topic, do you have an idea of when we can expect the next installment so I don't have to keep hitting refresh like a lab monkey trying to get his crack pellet?



  19. Ha! I resemble that lab monkey sometimes!

    I'm planning on finishing it up tonight. I was able to revise it some last night, but not enough to publish. I also was slapped iwth another key to my reaction to the Pope, and want to include that, too.

  20. Rants, revisions, keys--hooray!

    - Lab Monkey #894106


  21. Kind of new around here and haven't commented before, but I have followed the conversation in the comboxes for the past few days and I wonder if it might not be good to pray for Ben. Maybe not just Ben, but several of Pope Francis most vociferous defenders. Any criticism no matter how mild of this Pope has been met with a frantic and overwrought emotional defense by some fellow Catholics. Although they claim to be completely at ease with the person of the Pope there seems to be something in this papacy that is deeply unsettling to them.

    - Josh

  22. Did you go and get yourself one of those "actual life" things that I've heard so much about? I've been looking into getting one of those things. What are they like anyway?

    Seriously, brother, take your time. You're all kinds of worth waiting for.


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