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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New blog!

It's an old blog given new life, to be precise: Evangelical Catholicism. As mission statements go, this is a good one:

[I]f Christians take the Incarnation seriously, then they necessarily repudiate any separation between faith and works, spirituality and action, belief and reason, and piety and political participation. We do not and cannot separate Catholic doctrine from its lived expression in the concrete. But just as we ought to be on guard against the desecularization of our faith, we must respect the distinction between the natural and supernatural orders by avoiding conflation. Accordingly, the content of this blog will range from the theological and, at times, the academic, to the level of devotion and ministry inside and outside Catholic circles, as well as to socio-political life. We hold that doctrine is hollow without spirituality and prayer that continually seek the face of God. We also hold that faith is dead without the outward expression of ministry to, and solidarity with, the least of Christ’s brethren. We understand the Catholic faith to be the indissoluble union of doctrine, praxis, and spirituality. This is the ideal. The actual putting into practice is a constant and nearly insurmountable challenge, one that none of us has had any sustained success in overcoming. Fortunately–or, perhaps more accurately put, providentially–grace perfects the failed works of human nature.

We invite comments from our visitors. Ours, we hope, is never the last word.

It's already off to a good start, and the unpacking of the Pope's most recent encyclical is on the agenda. Give it a look.

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