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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I think I saw the Irony Singularity yesterday, just north of Toledo. A car with two bumperstickers, the first the "Coexist" one spelled with various religious symbols. The second one the Darwin Fish.

Modus vivendi to you, too.

Attention, residents of metropolitan Toledo: I truly dislike the new I-280 bridge. Oh, it looks fine--striking, really. But the railings wouldn't stop a Segway from going over. Also someone told me that there are structural problems with some of the support mechanisms. Already.

In other words, you have the Zilwaukee Bridge South.

Oh, and I managed to get on the air during a WDFN segment yesterday, during the "No Effin Way!" bit Stoney and Wojo do. It boils down to this: you offer up something entirely unshocking and predictable and the hosts respond with the tagline and dramatic soap opera music worthy of the Dramatic Prairie Dog.

Mine was "Peter King was cliche' during his column this week." The screener chortled and put me on the air. I had the last word for the segment.

I'm gonna live forever...

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