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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


William Clay Ford, the owner of the Lions for what seems like millenia--long, dark, purgatorial centuries, mind you--is the ownership equivalent of Captain Ahab. Except he's spent the last four decades hunting for a Great White Clue. In his decision to retain as general manager Martin Mayhew, for years the caddy for the National Punchline Matt Millen, he shows that once again he's the Slowest Harpoon In The West. I mean, it's not like Bill Parcells is going to be avai---oops. Never mind. WCF knows what he's doing. If you keep ramming the iceberg, eventually it's going to crack, right?

The fish rots from the head. And this one's been rotting for a generation.

Go ahead, fans of teams with more competent NFL ownership (that would be all of them)--pile on. I can't really care much anymore.

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