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Friday, December 19, 2008

Need a little help.

Yes, buried at work. No, I don't need your help for that. Unless, of course, you have mastered time travel.

But you might be able to help me with these items:

1. Does Bailey's Irish Cream spoil/skunk? It is unopened.

2. Do we need a new DVD player? It cut out in the middle of one of our kids' movies, displaying "Stop" and "HD7" (?--I think). It's not the disk--I put a new one in and it did the same thing. What's more, it was a bugger getting it to open.

3. Want to shovel my sidewalks? We got the biggest December snowfall in decades overnight and it's still continuing.

4. Is there some way to get CM to answer his e-mail that doesn't involve threats from ninjas/mafiosi/six foot talking rabbits?

5. Wish Louis a happy birthday--he was born at 1:58pm, one year ago today.

And finally, a quiz: parthogenesis--yea or nay?

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