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Monday, December 01, 2008

Back from the northlands.

Had a mostly good Thanksgiving, Louis' grim encounter with the glass door of the fireplace excluded. A second degree burn covering half of the palm of his left hand. I was three feet away and didn't get there in time.

The emergency room personnel at Mid-Michigan Hospital in Clare are top-notch. He's going to be fine, and no permanent damage. That helps, but not all the way. He's himself, right now roaming through the living room jabbering at an inconvenient blanket.

Other than that, a great time. We had an early Christmas with Mom, Dad and my bro's family. BTW, Doug's been promoted to a supervisory role with Customs and Border Protection. Yes, he's gone over to The Man™, sorry to report. Everyone had a great time and the car-top carrier successfully brought back the loot, which included (for me) the authors' (Niven and Pournelle, not Dante) edition of Inferno, which I will sprint through soon as I get a free moment.

Love it up north. There's no sound like the wind surging through several thousand trees.

Certainly no sound like it in the concrete habitrail, that's for sure.

Hope you and yours had a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

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