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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why I am pulling for her to do well.

My uncle sends this recent story about the Palins, one "that will never make the papers":

One of the clearing guys here at our [utility] company was volunteering at the Alaska State Fair when the pole he was up on (helping to remove) broke off at the ground and fell with him attached. The fall would have killed a normal human. In this case it resulted in a life changing (for a lumberjack) shattered hip and internal injuries.

This coming Saturday the fair is holding a fund raiser for the family that includes an auction of donated goods. Todd Palin called the organizer and asked him to come over to the house and pickup a donation for the auction. Once the organizer got past the Secret Service background check and fondle, Todd handed him an official NHL jersey with the name McCain-Palin sewn on it and signed by John, Sarah and Todd. Estimated value on e_bay today..$5,000.00. Good people those Palins.

Which is why it ticks me off to no end to see the ridicule and scurrilous bullshit heaped upon them. Argue her qualifications and missteps all you like. But the below-the-belt crap deserves a quite literal punch in return.

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