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Thursday, October 09, 2008

The hap-hap-happiest State in the Union!

J.D. Power warns that the global auto market may collapse in 2009. My immediate reaction: great news--that means it technically hasn't already!


My wife sent me an email earlier this afternoon with this header: "Don't shoot yourself."

She took the kids on a walk around the neighborhood today. She passed a house that's been for sale for about 8-10 months, previously owned by a nice couple who moved to God knows where. They had, then dropped, a realtor and now it's a fizbo. It's 3 bedroom, two full bathrooms and has a 1.5 car garage and a sunroom. It also needs about $5k or so work (you can see water damage in the sunroom, which could also use some drywall an a new window or two). But it's no dump.

Asking price: $24,999.

[Dateline--R'Lyeh: Through a spokesthing today, dead Cthulhu announced that when he finally wakes from his dreamless slumber to inaugurate a reign of madness, "a strange eon where death itself may die," he plans to avoid "the land called Michigan." According the spokesthing, the Great Old One finds the place "depressing beyond the ability of non-Euclidian geometry to express."]

Again, to finish on a positive note, Heather praised me for our decision to get the durable, long lasting linoleum for the kitchen.

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