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Friday, October 31, 2008

The one absolutely good result of an Obama victory on Tuesday.

[I've been meaning to post this for a while, but wanted to wait until the polls tightened before doing so. Trying not to appear defeatist.]

There will be one indisputably good result from an Obama victory on Tuesday: national unity.

You're probably saying something along the lines of"

"Wha--? As divided as we are? Another corrosively rancorous election? I hope you brought enough of what you're smoking for everyone. [Olbermann voice:] Sir."

Yes. More national unity. An Obama victory will stab racism in the proverbial guts and will do more for real integration and unity than anything we've seen since the end of de jure segregation. It will be irrefutable proof that the sky is the limit for African-Americans. Being black is no bar to the highest office in the land. Black parents will be able to point their children to President-elect Obama and say "That can be you. The most powerful person on earth. Go and do likewise."

Sure, racism and the race card will still exist, but a Rubicon will have been crossed, and both will ring ever more hollow as the years pass. The justifiable sense of alienation among African-Americans will fade, and the scars from the national wound inflicted by chattel slavery will heal more quickly and inexorably vanish.

And, quoting Don King, I'll at least be able to say "Only in America!" on Wednesday morning. Not that it will do anything to allay my numerous problems with the man and (much moreso) his plans, but it will be a source of real comfort and even pride. A strong ray of light, if you will.

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