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Monday, September 15, 2008

You know...

...I really don't need this shit.

I'd made my peace with the idea that his support for embryonic stem cell research was tepid and subject to being overtaken by technological advances.


The ad does not specifically refer to embryonic research, which is opposed by most politicians and activists who, like McCain, do not support abortion rights.

The omission is not a signal that McCain is backing away from his record in favor of embryonic stem cell research, spokesman Brian Rogers said.

“Clearly, John McCain supports it,” he said, emphasizing that the ad is intended to refer to all forms of stem cell research, including experiments using human embryos and those using cells from adults.

Goodbye to all that. Have fun storming the castle without me. [Cue strikethroughs.]

[Update: Then again, do I really want the psychotic left in power? No, not even slightly.

Lord, what an unholy mess.]

[Update II: The Obama campaign does its part to drive me back into the McCain camp. Cult of personality much? Never has one man done so little to inspire so much fervor in so many.]

So, looks like I have no option apart from the grievously-flawed Mac and his far more palatable No. 2. Here's hoping he doesn't make her his clone on social issues.

McCain-Palin: Because the alternative will make you vomit.

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