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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Abort, retry, FAIL.

ESPN is reporting on the end of the Millen-ium. See if you can spot the glaring factual error in this account:

The Matt Millen era is reportedly over in Detroit.

The embattled Lions team president and general manager is leaving the position, reported Wednesday. It was unclear whether he had been fired or had resigned, according to the report.

The move comes two days after Bill Ford Jr., the son of team owner William Clay Ford, publicly said he would have fired Millen if he had the authority to do so.

The Lions are 31-84 under Millen and have won only one playoff game during his tenure. But until this point, the Lions have resisted widespread demands from fans seeking Millen's ouster.

According to the report, Millen had informed a number of employees about the change on Wednesday morning and had large packing boxes in his office.

Wire services.

I walked around the office to a couple of sports-obsessed colleagues. I didn't have to say a word--they both started laughing when I stuck my head in the office.

I told my wife that the atmosphere is a little like the liberation of Paris in 1944. I keep looking for ticker tape floating in the air.

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