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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A sporting palette cleanser.

What more needs to be said? Three games in, and the season's over.

You will probably have noticed that I don't get particularly worked up over Lions successes (despite their rarity) or failures (which would fill a couple sets of Britannicas).

Lions fandom has taught me that indifference is the best medicine. Oh, it's not perfect, but they don't move me one way or another. Most of the time, I watch with the same detachment I have when I see Sven, Ingeborg, Leif and Umlautssen battling it out in the MetRx World's Strongest Man Competition.

Deep down, I actually give a hoot what happens to the team, but the willed resignation prevents it from affecting me too much.

That said, the Lions' blogosphere has reached fusion. Even the owner's son has demanded the head of Teflon Matt Millen. I recommend a visit over to Big Al's indispensible The Wayne Fontes Experience, wherein he offers (strong language warning) a few suggestions and surveys the meltdown in LionsNation. He also came up with the headstone, which is dead solid perfect if you have been following this trainwreck at all this year.

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