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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I don't know...

The Hitchhiker's Guide is coming back.

I loved them back in middle and high school. I remember reading the first installment in my 8th grade English class, red-faced and somehow stifling the laughter enough to leave Mrs. Wegner suspicious, as opposed to certain, that I was up to non-studying. I have the entire set hardbound, in leather, no less.

Yes, the final book was downbeat (though still funny), and Adams regretted that. Moreover, he'd started work on another book, and had a chapter more or less worked out, featuring Ford Prefect, IIRC.


There was only one Douglas Adams. I'm content to know that Arthur, Ford, Zaphod and the rest of the mad gang were still out and about, even if Adams never quite worked out how, precisely.

Really--when has this new author concept ever worked out? Artistically, I mean.

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