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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still getting my sea legs back underneath me.


For some reason, work failed to dematerialize off my desk while I was enjoying my spa weekend at the hospital.

The lawn needs to be threshed and bailed.

Heather and I are making baby steps toward putting the fridge box on the market.

Our stimulus payment has been delayed by a TurboTax glitch.

Our church study history group met for the first time in a couple of months last evening.

I managed to beg off (barely, citing my health excitements) being elected Grand Knight of my Knights of Columbus council. Next year for sure.

I am trying to get Madeleine prepped for her First Communion in June.

Heather and I (and a bored-to-sleep Louis) saw Iron Man on Friday. Go see it--excellent action entertainment.

Oh, and I have a fistful of books I'd like to finish.

So, there you go. Accept what blogging I can gives ya.

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