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Friday, May 23, 2008

OK--I *have* to see Kingdom of the Crystal Skull now.

Roger Ebert gave it his thumbs up, and won me over with this section:

The Indiana Jones movies were directed by Steven Spielberg and written by George Lucas and a small army of screenwriters, but they exist in a universe of their own. Hell, they created it. All you can do is compare one to the other three. And even then, what will it get you? If you eat four pounds of sausage, how do you choose which pound tasted the best? Well, the first one, of course, and then there's a steady drop-off of interest. That's why no Indy adventure can match "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981). But if "Crystal Skull" (or "Temple of Doom" from 1984 or "Last Crusade" from, 1989) had come first in the series, who knows how much fresher it might have seemed? True, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" stands alone as an action masterpiece, but after that the series is compelled to be, in the words of Indiana himself, "same old same old." Yes, but that's what I want it to be.

Exactly. Gotta go.

But The Self-Propelled Boy™ and I are seeing Speed Racer first. He passed his spelling test with a perfect score (after much, much, much, much study and drill). Given that I grew up on the cartoon, I'm only slightly less interested than he is.

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