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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Memed yet again.

The Seven Things You Don't Know About Me meme, from Shelly.

Fair enough, since I am a dusty, forbidding ancient codex of obscure lore and mystery.

Or something.

1. I was nominated to attend the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1986 by then-Congressman Bill Schuette.

2. I was previously engaged when I was an unready 23. She broke it, not me. We were the very definition of Doomed To Divorce, showing once again that He knows far, far better than I. I'm much happier now, and I hope she is, too.

3. My MSBE score was 157.

4. I owned a Camaro. 1978, forest green with the inline V6 and a Kraco cassette deck. I got it up to 105mph once, southbound on Alger Road heading for Ithaca. It was floating at that speed, and if I'd had the slightest control problem, they'd have been hosing what was left of me and my buddy into Dixie cups for burial purposes. Drunks, little children, the United States of America and certain favored young idiots with pony cars, as Otto von Bismarck might say.

5. I was voted "Most Sophisticated" in my high school graduating class, for reasons which escape reason. After all, I did spend a couple of years occasionally screaming "I got what you need!" out of the windows of that same Camaro, cruising the Alma Gut during my high school weekends.

"Least Likely to Re-offend," perhaps. No, I did not attend Ostrogoth High.

6. It is a source of enduring, if perverse, pride that my law review article featured the phrase "vomited on a screen door."

7. I double-majored in history and political science in college. Though I suspect that seems rather obvious by this point.

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