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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Now, to serious matters.

Such as college fight songs. Jay Anderson offers up the SI list of the top five fight songs, and says it's only 40% crap-free.

I'm inclined to agree in large part with him.

(1) Notre Dame's fight song is worthy of a silver medal--in fact, I'm willing to concede it is a somewhat close second to The Victors. It was, after all, my high school's fight song. And by any objective standard, it's a good one. Almost anyone can sing the chorus, which is the sign of an enduring classic.

(2) I'll dissent slightly on Anchors Aweigh, too--it is another song that has entered into the popular culture, at least as a tune. I think part of the problem with the ranking is that none of the service academies have particularly serviceable sports programs, with a partial exception of the Air Force in football.

But the song is still a classic.

Definitely chuck the other two. I invariably sing "Barry Switzer/Barry Switzer..." every time I hear "Boomer Sooner." And "Rocky Top"? Yeesh. Hail Saban or whatever it is that the sofa-burners in East Lansing sing is light years better.

Put another way--your college fight song should not make a seamless transition to bands featuring guys puffing into moonshine jugs and picking away at 3-string banjoes.

Jay also had an earlier post with some interesting fodder, too.

My offering for a good fight song is On Wisconsin--underrated. And lousy for jug bands.

Oh, and in other college football news: Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Buckeyes.

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