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Monday, August 07, 2006

Long past time to start worrying about real theocrats.

As opposed to the ubiquitous and well-compensated hysterics about the fake ones in America.

Mark your calendar, folks--the Shia messianist in Tehran said he'd give the official response to the European Union's ultimatum about the Iranian nuclear program on August 22.


Long past time, but I know I'm dreaming on this one.

Oh, go ahead and hit the snooze bar.

"Fight the real enemy!" as Sinbad so famously and bravely said on Saturday Night Live.

Anyway, I'm sure Pat Robertson's up to no good, too.

Or that guy Falwell--remember, he has his own university.

[Cue ominous music.]

They probably teach intelligent design there, too.

And that's just as bad as a rogue unsupervised nuclear program, when you think about it.

Because all fundamentalists are the same, right?


Whew--glad's that's over.

Say, what do you think's on Bravo right now?

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