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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My little girls.

1. Yesterday, Madeleine announced that she wanted to play "Daddy's game with the lion, Carter and the girl."

Oh. That game.

Actually, it's not that bad a game for older kids--a pure swashbuckler, like the books. But I've convinced her to take the natural intermediate step first.

2. Rachel has taken to the dog food dish with the usual vigor of mobile infants. How can you tell when Rachel has at least two nuggets of Alpo in her mouth? When she doesn't freak out when you remove the first one.

Saturday, I see her sitting sitting serenely Buddhaesque in the kitchen. It would be serenely Buddhaesque if the Buddha had had a thing for Copenhagen, I suppose.

"Rachel--do you have dog food in your mouth?" For an instant she stays there, adjusts the nuggets in her mouth and half smirks back at me. Then she immediately heads down the hall toward her bedroom as fast has her chubby little limbs will take her. The theme to The Great Escape leapt into my head as she chugged down the hall.

"You'll never catch m--argh!

Stupid baby gate...."

I can't imagine my life without either one of them.

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