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Monday, September 26, 2005

Don't screw with the money.

Every now and then--about once a week or so--I get a little cynical about the Church as an institution. It's stuff like this and this that do it.

As I spoke with My Much, Much Better Half about the resignation of the Rev. Walter Cuenin yesterday morning, she remarked: "Funny how that works: you can say whatever you want from the pulpit or in public, but once there's money involved--watch out."

It's pretty hard to avoid that impression.

Likewise with the USCCB's condemnation of Remarkably Buoyant Ted: a stalwart supporter of abortion on demand for decades, he finally gets a personal and public rebuke--for fighting aid to Catholic schools devastated in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Yes, indeed--painfully difficult to avoid that impression.

But that's what happens when you spend a couple of generations impersonating Conan Doyle's dog that did not bark. When the dog does start barking, we get curious about what's setting it off. Here, the armed burglar can break into the house with nary a snarl.

Just as long as he doesn't kick over the bowl of dog food in the process.

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