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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Many thanks!

To the gracious Fr. Stanley, a long-suffering fellow Lions fan (yes, that is redundant, but there you have it) for his warm welcome. We got a tour of the beautifully-renovated parish (Todd would approve--the acoustics were a conscious concern and addressed), and even better, both Maddie and Dale passed their first catechism lesson, each being able to point out Jesus on the carving of the Last Supper on the altar.

The only glitch was Dale's attempt to blow out one of the votive candles in front of Our Lady of Guadaloupe. Given that the Spanish language Mass was ten minutes from starting, and the youth musical group was rehearsing forty feet away, his timing could not have been worse. Fortunately, he failed and Heather shooed him away.

If you get over by that area, make sure to stop. You will be glad you did. The people of St. Charles Borromeo are blessed to have such a decent, solid man as pastor--they seem to recognize it, too. They sure answered the call this weekend--the donations in both the gym and the Church were evidence of their great generosity to people in need.

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