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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I officially hate the new NHL.

The Wings release fan favorite and local hero Darren McCarty.

The new CBA in action. After all, we have to do everything to keep the hardline brain donors running the small-market teams afloat.

Yes, I know McCarty's skills--limited as they were--were diminishing, and he didn't have a lot of gas in the tank. Nevertheless, he would have retired as a Wing under the old system.

More to the point, he deserved to retire as a Wing. He was an integral part of the legendary March 26, 1997 6-5 slugfest against the hated Colorado Avalanche, both pummelling noted cheapshot artist Claude Lemieux and scoring the winning goal in overtime. That was the most decisive regular season NHL game in the past fifty years--effectively ending the Colorado dynasty-in-the-making and creating the Wings' semi-dynasty. Before the game, the Wings had been intimidated and owned by the Avalanche. Afterwards, it was Colorado that suffered from doubt.

At least McCarty said there was no way he would sign with the 'Lanche.

Welcome to the new NHL--just get used to rooting for jerseys and logos from now on.

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